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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Legaldocx promises a few steps to complete a document generation process. If the client is not satisfied with the  Draft copy of the Document then refund can be possible interms of 80% of the total paid amount. 

The Lagaldocx also promises if in any case there has been latches in either providing services in a particular state and Legaldocx have received any money regarding that work then the Lagaldocx will completely refund the whole amount without any excuse. 

Any client can cancel their order by sending email to for that reason. The process of the Document generation and thereafter procurement of non judicial stamps (or estamps) from different State Treasury and/or Vendors is a very complicated process and if there is any problem regarding that then legaldocx support team will contact the client and refund the whole amount for that issue and as a compliment for using the site the Legaldocx will provide the generated documents for their use if they want to use the same.

Be it mentioned here that there will be no refund after on your confirmation Legaldocx dispatches the document to your given receivable address.

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