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Documents Required:-

  • You need to keep the following documents or information  for creating an Agreement online:-

  • Information of Parties (documents like Aadhar Card for individuals and documents like PAN card and Authorize Letter/certificate of Enlistment for Companies)

  • Monthly Rent, Maintenance Charges, Start Date , End Date of Agreement , Security Deposits, mode of payment of monthly Rent etc.

  • All Property Detail including full address, Post office, Police Station, Its measurement in sq. ft. mode of user etc



What is Rent Agreement?

A Rent or Rental agreement is a written contract  between the owner of a property and a tenant who desires to have temporary possession of the property so rented on the basis of the terms and conditions of the Rent Agreement for any term subject to the provisions of the law of the State at a rent payable according to English calendar month.

How to make a Rent Agreement or Tenancy Agreement online in Telangana, India?

1. Log on to , sign up. 

2. Click on required document, fill the form up and submit .

3. Receive draft copy of the document in email, approve, make payment through the payment link and the document will be sent.​


IT can be Terminated by giving 30 Days Notice in general or as per the specific laws practiced in the different States in India . or by efflux of time for the period it has been granted.


For Rent Agreement it is not mandatory to Register it but the said  document can be attested by a Notary Public in India.

Best Way to Create a Rent Agreement Online?

You may create a Rent Agreement in Telangana online through the Legal Docx in a very little fees/price and you can get it delivered in home (Home delivery in Selected States Only). Legaldocx uses the Best Template of Rent Agreement in India.

Be it noted as the Template of Rent/Tenancy Agreement is created for a vast use the Legal docx does not assures full practicality and applicability but you may decide the same after going through the document when the same will be sent to you.



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