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Make Online Affidavit Declaring No Criminal Record in Andhra Pradesh, India

Documents Required:-

  • You need to keep the following documents or information  for creating an Affidavit online:-

    • Information of Declarant or Deponent

    • Documents which are recorded incorrectly.

    • Documents which are needed to be corrected.



What is An Affidavit?

An Affidavit is a Written Instrument whereby one person sworn/declares voluntarily any fact/evidence under oath.

Affidavit Can be Made for any Reasons from Correction or Declaration of Name to Anti Ragging Declaration , Correction of any Identity Cards or Certificates.

The Persons Sworns Affidavit is called Deponent/Declarant.

How to make a Online Affidavit Declaring No Criminal Record, in Andhra Pradesh, India?

1. Log on to , sign up. 

2. Click on required document, fill the form up and submit .

3. Receive draft copy of the document in email, approve, make payment through the payment link and the document will be sent.

To be Sworn Before ?

In India an Affidavit can be Sworn before any Notary Public or Magistrate in case of Declarative/Corrective Affidavit. 

Best Way to Create an Affidavit Online?

You may create an Affidavit in India online through the Legal Docx in a very little fees/price and you can get it delivered in home (Home delivery in Selected States Only). Legaldocx uses the Best Template of an Affidavit in India .

Be it noted as the Template of an Affidavits are created for a vast use, the Legal docx does not assures full practicality & Applicability but you may decide the same after going through the document when the same will be sent to you with Logic or Consult any Legal Practitioner.


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