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Legaldocx is now Legaldocx Lawfirm

Its a turn in our strategy and hence we are announcing that Legaldocx is no more a DIY platform but here through this site you can now engage Advocates to do paralegal works like drafting to registration and also if needed you can visit the nearest office to take advice and take legal steps where so required.

Legaldocx is a law firm which does not give legal advice through its web portal directly. Legaldocx works in two domains i.e. (1) Para-Legal and (2) Legal.  The services that are offered online are Para-legal and is not subject matter of any litigation for which charges are taken. The Listing of Advocates in various states in India are all registered Associates and Attorneys  with the Legaldocx Law firm who are all members of Bar Councils of different States. Any person taking advice or service of the Legaldocx can either directly visit to the nearest chambers and/or branches to meet required Advocate or may join a meeting through Zoom or any other suitable app in different platform.  The Web portal does not advertise its Advocates / Solicitors and is subject to be found only through organic searchers through various search engines. It’s a PAN India Law firm targeting to operate from all the districts and Cities of India. We are trying to make available legal help to all the people at large appreciating the effort of Digital India.  

Legaldocx is targeting to operate in the following Districts and Cities:

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