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How to Create an Anti Ragging Affidavit In India? Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Affidavit

What is An Affidavit?

An Affidavit is a Written Instrument whereby one person sworn/declares voluntarily any fact/evidence under oath.

Affidavit Can be Made for any Reasons from Correction or Declaration of Name to Anti Ragging Declaration , Correction of any Identity Cards or Certificates.

The Persons Sworns Affidavit is called Deponent/Declarant.

How to make an Affidavit online in India?

Log on to , sign up, then go to page Services, click on to your desired document that you want to create fill it up and submit . Legaldocx will send a draft copy of the document and upon approval and payment through the payment link sent via mail the document will be sent at your address.

To be Sworn Before ?

In India an Affidavit can be Sowrn before any Notary Public or Magistrate in case of Declarative/Corrective Affidavit.

Best Way to Create an Affidavit Online?

You may create an Affidavit in India online through the Legal Docx in a very little fees/price and you can get it delivered in home (Home delivery in Selected States Only). Legaldocx uses the Best Template of an Affidavit in India which are drafted by Senior Lawyers.

Be it noted as the Template of an Affidavits are created for a vast use, the Legal docx does not assures full practicality & Applicability but you may decide the same after going through the document when the same will be sent to you with Logic or Consult any Legal Practitioner.

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