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About License Agreement / Leave and License Agreement

What is License Agreement?

License Agreement or Leave and License agreement is a written contract between a owner of the property by which the owner  grants temporary permission to another person to occupy the property in exchange of occupational charges or License fee for a period not more than 11 months.

Revocation! How?

License Agreement or Leave and License agreement is revocable either impliedly by way of breach of Contract or directly by giving notice both in verbal or written. A Licensee must not be granted any right to construction otherwise the License will be irrevocable in nature.

How to make a License Agreement online in Kolkata West Bengal?

Log on to , sign up, then go to page Services, click on to your desired document that you want to create, fill it up and submit . Legaldocx will send a draft copy of the document and upon approval by you and upon payment through the payment link sent via email the document will be sent at your address.

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